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Peter Pan Is A Very Entertaining Blast From The Past on Blu-ray

1/30/2013 10:31:11 PM EST
One of the most beloved animated Disney films Peter Pan has been released to home video on Blu-ray for the first time.  The high flying antics of this adventure have been around since 1953, but never as sharp and clear as it was in theaters for your home entertainment system.  It’s not just for kids, especially if you still have that inner child wanting to relive your past. Available in a Diamond Edition 3 Disc combo pack, the movie can be viewed using your Blu-ray, DVD or on the go players.
The Darling family children are true believers in the tale of Peter Pan. In search of his shadow Peter visits the Darling residence one night with his friend Tinker Bell the feisty fairy.  When he finds his shadow and starts chasing it around the room he awakens Wendy Darling who welcomes Peter.   Wendy’s amazed by the adventurous Peter and follows him along with her brothers John and Michael to Never Land. 
Based on J.M. Barrie’s book written at the start of the twentieth century, the three children get involved in Peter’s band of lost boys, a tribe of Indians and a swashbuckling Pirate Captain Hook.  The story filled with fun escapades, some daring skirmishes, new friendships and lessons to be learned is perfect for the youngsters.
The film brings back memories of the cantankerous pirate Captain Hook and his bumbling Mr. Smee who provide a lot of laughs.  And the tic tock crock ‘s right on the buccaneer’s heels trying to get Hook’s other hand that he took many years before.  While the film’s adventurous for boys, the girls will love the antics of Tinker Bell who’s very jealous of Wendy.  Oh, and Wendy’s the star with her need for adventure and the realization that one never grows up.
The music takes center stage adding to the fun and lightheartedness. The list includes the familiar and memorable “The Second Star to the Right”, “You Can Fly”, “A Pirate’s Life”, Never Smile at a Crocodile”,  “Following the Leader” and more.
The bonus features are a nice treat for kids and those of us who want to remember the past.
For adults, turn on the commentary by Roy Disney after the kids go to bed and hear some of the stories behind the creation of the classic. Others make comments as well including some of the voice actors.
The kids can add “Disney Sing Along” that will put up the words to the music as the film plays.  This is fun for the youngsters, but be cautioned that it may become a little distracting to adults as the movie plays out. I have that crocodile song stuck in my head.
The home video makes use of the popular “Disney Intermission” where you can pause the movie and answer the phone, while the kids are still treated to some fun stuff.
“Growing Up with Nine Old Men” is a featurette that takes you on a journey to visit Disney’s nine original animators’ children. It’s an interesting piece for adults who like a different take for some history behind the animators of Peter Pan and other Disney hits.
“Tinker Bell’s A Fairy’s Tale”
“Never Before Seen Deleted Scene”
“Never Before Seen Alternate Ending”
“Deleted Songs”
You can go to the Disney Vault for some documentary treats including: “You Can Fly”, “In Walt’s Words: Why I Made Peter Pan” and more.
The Video Quality is very good with the new restoration and upgrade to Blu-ray.  The colors are vibrant, the clarity improved from the 2007 DVD release and seeing it in its original format very nostalgic.
The sound quality with the 7.1 High Definition Master Audio makes all the songs more enjoyable and the dialog crisp and clear.  My surround sound system wraps the music and dialog just nicely and adds to the adventure. I found no distracting elements like hissing or crackling and even if you don’t have a specialized system, the HD televisions accept this upgraded sound quality.  
FINAL ANALYSIS: A very entertaining blast from the past. (B)


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